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We are convinced that high-level personal and organizational consulting is first of all characterized by individual solutions taking into consideration the position and requirements of the client in view of a certain target. That is why most of our investments aim people instead of things. Our mission is to get to know our partners’ wishes and help them come true.

Welcome to the world of IQ ConsultinG

IQC’s core competencies and market proposition

Family enterprise goes global


Welcome to the world of IQ ConsultinG

We are convinced that high-level personal and organizational consulting is first of all characterized by individual solutions taking into consideration the position and requirements of the client in view of a certain target. That is why most of our investments aim people instead of things. Our mission is to get to know our partners’ wishes and help them come true.

IQ ConsultinG was founded in 1994. The main areas of our activity are Change Management (Business Process Re-engineering, Organizational Development) and Knowledge Management (Management Academies and IT-based solutions, like e-learning).

The basic target in our work is to improve the business performance of our partners. That is why our management consulting services cover a wide range. The development of organizations is not a plan-based “engineer’s” duty. It is rather the art of thinking in interdependence and establishing synergy. Our partners can rely us in promoting adjustment, permanently ensuring the ability of change.

IQ ConsultinG is proud of the ISO 9001:2000 qualification.


IQC’s core competencies and market proposition

Typical engagements – Organizational Development: Change management projects (corporate culture development, organizational audit, team-building, strategy-building programs), Managerial skill development (leadership trainings, Management Academies)

Typical engagements – Structural Development: Business Process Re-engineering (analysing and optimising complex business and administrative structures), Knowledge Management solution (self-developed corporate portal systems and e-learning content development)

Focus market: Large Hungarian organizations in industry and service sector, multinationals in the Central-European region, governmental sector.

Organization model of IQ ConsultinG: IQ ConsultinG is a special combinations of a traditional consulting firm and a network based organization. The majority of professional tasks are managed by a full-time employed consultant staff. If the resources are limited for a given job, or highly specialized know-how is needed we can mobilize a consultant and trainer team of 15. These persons are subcontractors paid on basis of their time spend on a given project. IQ ConsultinG manages an extended strategic alliance integrating Hungarian and Non-Hungarian consulting firms, and three universities with their Business Schools. The cooperation of this network is based on mutual know-how licensing and on ad-hoc formed consortiums.


Family enterprise goes global

Starting out as a family enterprise, IQ ConsultinG Ltd. is a well-known player of the local consulting market today. In 1994, university professor Zoltán Vécsey set up his organizational development business as a one-man enterprise. By now, IQ ConsultinG has become an internationally competent consulting company.

I would say that our power lies in the fact that we were able to adopt the method of creating an international network,” says Zsadány Vécsey, son of professor Vécsey, and one of the managing directors of the company, together with his brother Bánk Vécsey. “We were keen to learn it from large international networks, and today, we import several international licenses and also cover the European market with our own invention: management e-learning products,” he adds.

We work together with experts at European, American and Hungarian universities, business schools, consulting companies and successful businesses in the different fields of consultancy, from managing multinational organization cultures, through analyzing financial and administrational processes to company reengineering in different depths.” By now, IQ ConsultinG has become one of the most recognized Hungarian representative of IT-based organizational development and optimizing public administration and for-profit structures. As the managing director says, besides networking, the company is eager to spend on innovations, which also makes them very competitive.

The main activity of the firm is management consulting, which they approach from two angles; reengineering business process or transforming organizational culture of a company.

When my father, who is the owner of the company, started his enterprise, organizational development did not exist in an organized way, however, demand was rather great at that time,” tells Vécsey about the beginnings. “Inspired by the initial successes, as there were not many firms on this field, we started to take upon more and more serious projects. We were small but very flexible,” tells Vécsey, an economist himself, who joined the family business after spending a few years at PricewaterhoseCoopers.

Our first really remarkable assignment arrived in 1998, when we were trusted by reorganizing Keler Rt, the central background institution of the Hungarian capital market,” says Vécsey.

As this was a tremendous amount of work, and IQ ConsultinG didn’t have enough people to do it at that time, they hired students from the Economics University of Budapest.

I think this move surprised our client first, but then the good work we carried out convinced them,” notes Vécsey.

Today in the regional consulting market we are competing with consulting companies with revenues of several billions of forints. The reason we are able to win is our innovative approach together with our dynamic young team of professionals we are working with,” claims Vécsey, revealing that the company invests approximately 30% of the revenue in innovation every year.

As the managing director sees, the other advantage of the firm is that they are recognizing and pro-reacting to future trends on the consultancy market.

Few years ago, when classic training methods were still very popular, IQ ConsultinG foresaw the change of the market and that demand will move towards more extreme training methods. One of the innovations is the LEGO® Serious Play™ method, which the company introduced several years ago in Hungary.

The inventor of plastic bricks, LEGO Group is the holder of rights of the LEGO® Serious Play™ method. Our co-operation started in June 2003, when IQ ConsultinG, as first among Central-European organization developers, received the opportunity to represent special LEGO program developed for company managers. Apart from transferring know-how, we have developed a strategic alliance that aims intensive participation in product development as well as updating marketing strategies,” explains Vécsey.

Another international connection was set up in 2002.

The Brussels-based East West Consulting Group (EWC) holds the rights for Europe’s most extensive EFQM-based method for examining organizational audits and competence. In 2002, our company gained the right to represent the analytic toolbar called CDP® (Corporate Development Process) in Hungary. Our successful co-operation is justified by the fact that IQ ConsultinG is given opportunities for presenting significant resources in consulting consortiums financed by the European Union and managed by EWC,” Vécsey says.

Within their own organizational structure, IQ ConsultinG applies methods which work successfully with large international consulting companies.

We rely on three basic principles. The first one is our business model, which is very similar to the business model of an IT consulting company; namely, that they are also adopting the best international IT solutions to the Hungarian market just as we do. Innovation is the second most important element of our operation. I think a consulting company without innovation simply can not survive on the market nowadays,” emphasizes Vécsey. As he says, Hungarian consulting companies usually do not spend much on innovation. The third pillar of our operation is the focusing, Bodor says. “If we come up with a new idea, we pay great attention to focusing on defining our target group; we are also focusing on a sharp marketing method, which is also not very typical on the Hungarian consulting market,” he says.

As Vécsey claims, the organization culture of IQ ConsultinG also contributes to successful operation.

We have an internal hierarchy of three levels: management, senior and junior consultants. However, we appreciate ideas from everyone within the company, regardless of the hierarchy. This guarantees our freshness and novelty on the market,” he says.

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